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Congratulations Marilyn Ngoh  on being offered a place in the

2018 Literary Arts Programme at SOTA.


 Title : A Star

            Today, I glanced down to watch the little children like I usually did every other night. However, there was a thick and dark film of smoke blocking my view. I frowned. I was just watching the young girl trying to find her doll. She was struggling to hold back her tears when the foul smelling smoke drifted above the house. All I could do then was wait for it to clear. When it finally did, the scene before me touched my heart. A boy was hugging the girl as she cried over her missing doll.

            As I was gazing up at the planet above me, a rock shot past me and fell onto the Earth before burning up. Space is a fascinating thing. I wondered how it looked like from Earth. I looked back down at the house the girl I liked to watch lived in.

            Now, the girl had attached a leash to her dog before grabbing a Frisbee and leaving for their daily walk. However, there was a tingling sensation at the bottom of my stomach, as if warning me that something was about to happen. I pushed the ominous feeling to the back of my mind and continued watching the little girl. The girl and her dog had soon reached the park. The girl tossed the Frisbee as far as she could, knowing there was a fence preventing it from being flung into the forest behind the park. There was a sudden change in the direction of the wind and instead of being thrown towards the fence, it was carried by the strong wind towards the road. Unknowingly, the dog dashed after the Frisbee onto the road. I was horrified. I wanted to shout out that there was a truck approaching, yet I could not do a thing except watch. After all, I was just a star.

            There was an ear piercing screech as the truck skidded to a stop after feeling a dull thud. The driver glanced back and caught sight of the limp body of the dog. Seeing that it was not a human, he sped away, not an ounce of guilt in him. The girl, after hearing the painful yelp of the dog, snapped out of her trance and ran towards it. She threw herself onto the dog, tears flowing freely down her cheeks onto the soft fur of her dog. She let out a heart-wrenching scream as blood continued pooling around the dog.

            How I wished I could do something to help, yet I was up in space, held stationary. Suddenly, I felt like I was falling, plunging onto the ground. The girl looked up and saw me falling. There was a glint in her eye. Hope. She crossed her fingers and shut her eyes and made a wish. Then, her dog lifted its head and let out a whine. The girl grabbed it and ran, tears pooling at her eyes. Except this time, it was of joy. Her dog was alive.

Source: P6 English Language Creative Writing Course conducted by Curious Kids Learning Place

Note : This is a special programme that is only open to a small group of students. Call us for further enquiries.

Priya Nair