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An interesting fact about the English Language


Here we present to you an interesting fact about the words 'bring' and 'take'. Many students actually use them incorrectly because these are words with similar meaning and can be confusing if not explained clearly. It is a common mistake noticed so here we are, giving you some tips on how to ensure that you are using them correctly! :)

Bring - from listener to speaker OR speaker to listener / 'doer to receiver' and vice versa

Take - speaker or listener or 'doer' to a different place

Did you know?

She visits her father and takes him his daily medicine every morning. (from 'doer's' point of view to a different place)

She visits her father and brings him his daily medicine every morning. (from receiver's point of view) 

Both are acceptable.

TIP: Before deciding to use 'bring' or 'take', consider the following:
Step 1 - from whom to whom?                                                                                                    

Step 2: from whose point of view?

We hope we have helped you identify the difference between these words! 

Priya Nair