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A Teacher's Dream

A Teacher's Dream

A teacher’s dream. This centre was built from scratch by a teacher. One who whole-heartedly believes that being able to educate a child, is a gift. I started this journey when I was 12 years old.  Back then, we used chalk boards in school and I used to pick up the used chalks, small pieces, bring them home and pretend to teach by drawing on my cupboard. It was fun and interestingly it helped me revise whatever I had learnt in school that day. Then, after years of going though many different aspirations, it dawned on me at the age of 18, with the A-level result slip in my hand that I wanted to be a teacher!  

After graduation, with a degree in English Language and Geography, I went for the interview, got selected and started my dream career. I started teaching at my alma mater and moved on to working at the ministry. However, my thirst for knowledge and my need to help as many children as possible never stopped. I wanted to help more children so I took up a Masters programme to further improve my skills. This time instead of studying the English Language, I studied Psychology. I wanted to understand children better, talk to them and learn more about the problems they were facing. With a full-time teaching job, I studied at night and completed my Masters programme in a couple of years. 

Many opportunities came my way after that and I moved on to take on other responsibilities.  However, teaching was always close to my heart. With an English Language degree and a Masters in Psychology, I was able to change lives. Help children who were failing to ace their examination. I  realized all that these students needed was a listening ear and someone who cared. Kind words, constant monitoring and praises were, more often than not, the silver bullet.  

After 16 years, I decided to help more children. Having two of my own with their own fair share of problems, I wanted to reach out to more children. Use different techniques to teach children and help them grow into confident speakers and users of the language. Help parents help their children.  And that was how Curious Kids began.  

Learning is a journey, not only for the child but also for us, teachers. Every child is unique and whenever I hear the words “Ms Priya, I scored …. for my English test,” with a twinkle in their eye, I know I’ve succeeded in helping another child reach his or her fullest potential.

Priya Nair