Curious Kids

2018 Nov/Dec Holiday Programmes

Speak, Read & Write Confidently


Curious Kids' Holiday Programmes 2018

Our Holiday Programmes aim to help your child hone his / her language skills through a fun, non-threatening way. He will be able to clarify his doubts, learn new techniques in answering questions and develop a deeper understanding of the English Language before the new year starts. As these classes focus on using individualised teaching methods and each student is given more attention to work on his areas of improvement, the class size is small. So hurry and join our classes today!


Primary 6 Holiday Programme

Prepare your child for his final year in Primary School. This course prepares your child for different sections of his English Language Examination Papers. Learn different answering teachniques and clarify misconceptions. Our teachers will also share tips from PSLE markers. We will only offer one session of each class. So sign up Now!

The course includes the following:

  • a compilation of notes for the various sections

  • 100 over questions for practice

  • immediate feedback and review of strengths and areas for improvement

  • tips on answering PSLE English Language paper

Our aim is to ace the PSLE English Language Paper! Be prepared to work hard this holidays!